Simple tips for preparing a bottle of formula in a jiffy

Running errands and day trips was so much easier before the baby right? In fact, you probably took it for granted but the days of grabbing your keys and leaving are over.

Hanging out with a toddler takes a lot more planning and making sure you have all the essentials to give your baby what he needs when he needs it.

Preparing a bottle of formula in a jiffy is one of those tricky things you'll want to get right.

Luckily, with a little preparation, a solid plan and a few key tools, preparing a bottle of formula in a jiffy, will soon turn into something natural, going out with your baby will be much easier.

Make a plan for your outing with your formula-fed baby

Before you even go out, you want to have a plan in place for your day. Consider where you'll be going, what's available there, how many stops you'll need to make, how long you'll be away, and how often you'll need to feed your baby during your outing.

These considerations may seem like a lot at the moment, but as you go out with your baby, you'll be able to plan more quickly what to bring for your baby and how much.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to be properly ready:

Where are you going?

Going to the zoo for several hours is very different from doing a few quick errands around your neighborhood. It takes a lot more planning to prepare for a day trip with a baby than for an outing where you will be back after about half an hour.

Do you have access to water?

Obviously, water is quite available in most places, but is tap water from a department store toilet ideal?

Honestly, that's most likely fine, but if you can avoid taking your baby's bottle out of the public restroom, that's even better. Bringing your own water in most situations usually ends up being more convenient anyway.

How many stops are you going to make?

Sometimes it's just easier to feed your baby in a parked car, especially if your baby isn't old enough to hold their own bottle in a stroller. So if you have several small errands to run, you might just want to plan to feed your baby this way between stops.

How long is your outing going to last?

More preparation is needed for rides that last longer than an hour or two. If you can schedule your outing between mealtime and/or naptime, that's the best way to go, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. If you are away longer, you will need to prepare more bottles in advance and/or on the go.

How often should you give your baby a bottle?

You will need to consider the length of your outing and plan accordingly. Newborns are much more unpredictable with their food needs, and it is important to feed them on demand at this young age.

So if this is the case, make sure you have enough formula to meet their needs.

Older babies stick to a routine with feeding times, so it will be easier to know if you will need just one bottle or more. We recommend that you always have at least one extra bottle in case you need to be away longer than planned.

siimplee tips  fora on the go

Top tips for simple on-the-go bottle preparation

Making a bottle of formula on the go doesn't have to be difficult. With a little planning to get everything ready in advance and have the right containers and tools ready, when you leave. This will favor your peace of mind. Thinking and planning ahead makes happy babies and stress-free parents!

Prepare one or more bottles in advance

Many parents wonder if it is possible to prepare bottles in advance.

Once a bottle has been prepared, it can stay at room temperature for up to 2 hours. So even if you don't have a cooler bag, you can prepare a bottle in advance, as long as you plan to give it to your baby in that time frame.

If you don't want to worry about getting bottles ready on your outing and don't mind packing a cooler bag for storage, you can go ahead and get all your bottles ready before you go. This way, you won't have to worry about powdered prep during your outing, which can be a bit of a hassle.

It's also a little easier to make sure everything is cleaned up when you prepare the bottles in advance.

Pre-measure formula and use a formula feeder

If you don't want to take a cooler bag with you or are trying to minimize what you pack on your outing, one of the best ways to simplify the process of making a formula bottle on the go, is to measure the formula in advance.

You will be able to buy great little containers that can hold and dispense the exact amount of formula you will need.

Bring a travel bottle warmer

One of our favorite gadgets is Izybaby portable bottle warmer. It quickly and safely warms up your baby's bottle, in a jiffy.

With a range of temperatures to choose from, you can give your baby his bottle exactly as he likes it. Moreover, it's completely wireless and holds a charge for up to 12 hours, making it ideal for any outing.

Bring a large bottle of water

As mentioned before, it's best to bring your own water if you can. While tap water is perfectly safe for preparing a baby's bottle, having to refill it in a public restroom can be a bit unhealthy.

Using bottled water is another option and is safe to use in your baby's bottle. It doesn't need to be hot, if you have a portable bottle warmer as mentioned above.

Don’t forget about the cleaning!

Cleaning is inevitable with a baby. And this is especially true when you’re on the go. This could translate into spilled formula or a huge mess by your baby who drank its bottle 15 minutes ago... Either way, make sure you're ready for it, so that you don’t have to interrupt your outing.

Here are some items to have on hand to clean everything:

  • Bottle wipes - these are great for quickly wiping down your baby's bottle after they've finished or for sanitizing before they drink if needed. However, these should not replace a thorough cleaning between meals.
  • Burping bibs - even if you have a baby who rarely spits up, remember to bring burping bibs and actually use them. We know you won't regret it.
  • Baby wipes - this is something that has become essential when going out with a baby because they are much more practical for cleaning baby's bottom or face in one go.
  • Extra layers - all those delicious formula bottles you give your baby on the go, means your baby will fill in their diaper. So, to avoid getting caught off guard, remember to pack enough layers.
  • Extra outfit for baby - on that same note, ALWAYS make sure you have an extra outfit when you go out with your little one, in case the diaper doesn’t fit one bit.
  • Plastic bags - these plastic bags are great for storing a dirty diaper until you are near a trash can when you can throw it away. We also recommend having a diaper bag that you can easily wash and/or wipe down.

How to travel with formulas?

It's one thing to go out for a few hours and have to figure out how to bottle feed your baby, but it gets more complicated when you have a plane trip or car trip planned.

Many of the tips above apply to these circumstances, but a little more planning in advance is required. It goes without saying, bring a lot more milk with you!